5 PLY Automatic Corrugated Box Making Plant

Price :     INR  7500000

Category : 5 PLY Automatic Corrugated Box Making Plant

' The name Natraj today is very popular with the corrugated packaging industry, not only in India, but also in many other countries. Natraj is in this packaging machinery manufacturing since 1978. after the move, NATRAJ progressed adding more and more, equipments for the rapidly expanding corrugated box industry. These were almost unique machines, build to the specification of individual box makers. ' NATRAJ soon grew as an Exporter for Corrugated Packaging Machinery and achieved distinction of Exporting India’s first Corrugated Board and Carton making plant to West Indies, Mexico as well as many other countries. NATRAJ from the day one, emphasized to ensure quality products with Zero Error concept, realizing this fact, NATRAJ got ISO 9001:2008 Certification from URS, United Kingdom. The growing number of orders and different approaches of each box maker to solving similar problems, gave NATRAJ the opportunity to familiarize and stimulate its incentive genius. NATRAJ has earned the prestigious national Award for Excellent quality, NATRAJ today is recognized as a symbol for quality, performance and excellence Continued relatively strong dedication to work and its commitment to service, has finally led NATRAJ to emerge as one of the leaders. The company has established a world wide reputation which is continued to the present.
NATRAJ manufactures the widest and the most comprehensive range of machines from Single Facer to High Speed Automatic Paper Corrugated Board making plant, NATRAJ’S years of experience in close tolerance machining & tight quality control standards, eventually led to the Company’s manufacturing finest corrugated board and carton making equipments. To keep up with increasing modernization of the Corrugated Industry our R & D has been putting great efforts for developing high technology machines in India. Over the years, NATRAJ has developed “ A SOLID REPUTATION” in India and abroad, for its Corrugated Board and Box making Equipments. NATRAJ has installed thousand of machines in India and abroad,
NATRAJ has exported these machines to West Indies, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Africa, Malayisa, C.I.S., Nepal, Indonesia, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and many other countries.